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Winter Detailing Bundle

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$58.99 USD

Winter poses unique challenges for your truck, especially with road salt and other contaminants on the ground. Make sure to get the ultimate protection bundle to keep your rig safe from salt, snow, sleet, and ice. 

Regular washing every 10-14 days in winter, focusing on the under-carraige with a pH-neutral soap to stop the acceleration of rust and corrosion in the most vulnerable areas that salt causes.

Use the Ceramic Coating Spray to provide a thin yet durable layer of protection that is smooth and chemically reacts with your clear coat to give you a smooth and flat surface that makes it hard for ice and salt to adhere to the surface for easier cleaning and creates a barrier to slow down the damage that salt creates. It is also hydrophobic so your windows so that snow, and ice to repel moisture and offers better visibility. Use this product before winter or apply an intial coat in a heated garage and maintain the protection with the Ceramic Instant Detailer. 

Use the Ceramic Instant Detailer to maintain the level of protection of the Ceramic Coat Spray and use as a waterless wash or cleaning glass while maintaining the highest level of water repellant/hydrphobic properties.