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Reflexallen Air Brake Intelli-Flex Kink-Repairing Service And Emergency Coil Standard Diameter Pair

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$80.00 USD
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Tubing designed to kink, bend, flex, stretch and survive the coldest and hottest temperature for a long service life!

  • Air Brake Coil With Intelli-Flex Kink-Repairing Technology
  • Available As 12' Or 15' x 2.75" (70 mm) Diameter (Choose Above)
  • Includes Red And Blue Air Brake Coils
  • Intelli-Flex Technology Allows Coil To Kink, Crease, Bend Flex, Stretch, Fold And Pass DOT Requirements
  • Tangle Resistance And Significant Sag Reduction
  • Follows Natural Line Of Coil Reducing Whipping And "Jump Roping" During Travel
  • Heavy Duty Non-Corrosive Grips Offer Outstanding Tubing Kink Protection And Whip Reduction
  • Black Tubing Offers UV Protection, Abrasion And Chemical Resistance
  • No Degradation Or Visible White Kink Line If Kinked
  • Saves Drivers From Expensive Road Service Calls At Inspections
  • 3-Piece Fitting On Tractor Side For Easy Installation
  • Industry-Standard 1/2" Brass Fittings
  • Long Service Life
  • DOT Compliant
  • Sold As A Pair
  • Quality Made Product

Meet the Industries first Air Brake Coil with Intelli-Flex technology. Intelli-Flex Kink-Repairing technology allows coils to kink, crease, bend, flex, stretch and fold while passing DOT requirements and returning to it's original state without damage. Abrasions and scuffs don't show and any kinks simply repair themselves, offering fleets amazing performance, great looks and long service life of the brake coil. Kinked, damaged coils fail DOT specifications and must be replaced immediately while Intelli-Flex can kink and recover with no performance degradation or signs of kinking, saving fleets expensive repairs, road service calls and valuable time.