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Peterbilt Front Fender

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$650.00 USD
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$650.00 USD
Side Lip
  • The outer sidewalls of the fenders are 2.5″ deeper than the stock Peterbilt fender. This provides a custom look and reduces the tire to fender gap.
  • Peterbilt Fenders can be specially ordered up to 4″ deeper than the stock Peterbilt fender.
  • Front fenders can be ordered with SHIFT’s advanced rubber lining or a stock Peterbilt fender liner can be installed to protect from rocks and debris.
  • Shift front fenders weight approximately 23lbs per fender including the fender liner.
  • Front Fenders come untrimmed and require a body shop for proper fitment.
  • Compatible only for a Peterbilt 389


Product is sold per fender.


Please note: Order processing time may take up to 3 weeks to complete orders as these are custom orders. We appreciate your patience.

  • Material

    Woven Fiberglass