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HD Equipment

HD Equipment Ceramic Bundle

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$49.99 USD

This bundle includes 1 bottle of Ceramic Coat Spray, 1 bottle of Ceramic Instant Detailer, and 1 bottle of the Glass Coat Spray. 

Start the process with the Ceramic Coat Spray - With 4 times the ceramic strength of our instant detailer. You will want to apply this product 2 or 3 times a year for extreme shine, hydrophobic properties. This means a cleaner vehicle for longer periods at a time, due to its self-cleaning ability. The ceramic layer protects the surface from dirt embedding into the substrate which means cleaning the vehicle is even easier. When the time comes, simply pressure wash the surface thoroughly. Just spray it on in small sections and buff off. This product will give protection for 4-6 months. 

Then use the Ceramic Instant Detailer to maintain the protection and shine, use as a waterless wash, and remove bugs or dust. 

Finally, finish your detailing job with the Glass Coat Spray. Similar to a Rain-X product. Spray this product on all windshields and windows to repel water. 

Everything you need to protect your surfaces, offer UV protection, and get the ultimate shine while dealing with weather elements! 

Get this bundle and save!!!